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Extra LARGE Outdoor Patio Umbrellas - Market Umbrellas for Sun Shade, Weather Shade
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Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Large Commercial Umbrellas
Design - Precision - Elegant Style

The Uhlmann LARGE Umbrellas are made in Germany for almost two decades. Our customers  demand the best, and we offer superb design, expert engineering and the famous German care and precision  in every step of the manufacturing process.  

Our commercial customers range from exclusive hotels and restaurants, resorts and country clubs, cafes and pubs to retail establishments who appreciate the stylish protection we provide from the elements. Municipalities use our extra large umbrellas in parks, pool complexes, school yards and kindergartens where the public safety is a concern. Residential clients not only enjoy sun and rain protection, but their property is enhanced by our umbrellas.

Exceptional wind resistance - Simple Elegant Lines - Beauty and Strength - Attention to Details - Pride in Workmanship - UHLMANN LARGE COMMERCIAL UMBRELLAS

Uhlmann LARGE Commercial Umbrellas     

Uhlmann LARGE Commercial Umbrellas
Uhlmann LARGE Commercial Umbrellas
Uhlmann LARGE Commercial Umbrellas

The Uhlmann Giant StrongWind Umbrellas Strength and Wind Resistance is Unique on the Market

StrongWind Umbrellas          StrongWind Umbrellas          StrongWind Umbrellas          StrongWind Umbrellas
Our StrongWind umbrellas were developed to fill a request, for "vandal proof" umbrellas. During the early stages of development "vandal testing" was performed by an increasing number of our employees. No damage was ever done to the umbrellas.
StrongWind Umbrellas             StrongWind Umbrellas           StrongWind Umbrellas

The strength of the StrongWind was tested also against winter ice and snow. On the left, two tons of wet snow covers the 25 square meter (270 square feet) surface of the canopy. Above, icicles hang from the canopy after the snow melted. This cycle was repeated throughout two winters now without any damage to the umbrellas.

Visit our >>StrongWind<< page for videos and more photos and our >>Type StrongWind<< page for more information.


We are looking for qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico, - contact us for excellent business opportunity.

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