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Extra LARGE Outdoor Patio Umbrellas - Market Umbrellas for Sun Shade, Weather Shade
Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas

The Quality is in the Details - Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas

The Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas are manufactured with the highest grade materials in over 100 standard sizes. Our round umbrellas range from 10' to 33' diameter, square ones from 6.5'x6.5' to 23'x23' and rectangular umbrellas up to 30'x13'. Adjacent square or rectangular umbrellas can be linked with rain gutters to cover extremely large areas. Two types of standard permanent installations and a selection of portable bases ensure easy and safe operation. We will work with your architect on custom installation.

Our large selection of optional accessories include side panels, infrared heating, lighting and professional screen printing of your logo on roof panels or valances.

Our canopies provide an eye catching focal point in any environment. They are designed to be stylish from the most elegant to the most casual setting, and to match and complement any decor.

                  Type T                Type TL               Type TLx       Type StrongWind (TXS)
Clean, classic design, innovative engineering, unrivaled quality and workmanship made the Type T the most popular model with our European clients. More....

Our Type TL models enhance your outdoor entertainment or living area and provide strong, high quality and attractive shade solutions.
The Type TLx is a perfect choice when a strong and durable giant umbrella is desired for large area shelter from rain and shine.
Unsurpassed in strength, the StrongWind is a stunning statement of innovation on the large scale, but with attention to the smallest detail.
       Type SidePost (SP)        Marine Umbrellas           Accessories             Installations

Type SP Uhlmann SidePost Umbrellas

Uhlmann Large Marine Umbrella
Optional Accessories for the Uhlmann Large Commercial Umbrellas

Sleek and elegant, strong and functional, exceptionally crafted, - our SidePost Umbrellas are to be a sure hit in the residential and commercial market. More...

Another new design by Uhlmann Umbrellas will be of special interest in the yachting environment as well for any client near salt water. More...

To provide the perfect weather shade in any environment, a galore of accessories add beauty and functionality to all the Uhlmann Umbrellas.

Various methods of permanent or portable installations are available and we will be happy to work with your architect to achieve the best result for you. More...
Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas Photo Gallery
Burg Bad Vilbel, Germany
Uhlmann Giant Umbrella
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The Uhlmann LARGE Umbrellas are made in Germany for twenty years. Their superb design, expert engineering and German precision in manufacturing made them the choice of European customers who demand the best. We provide stylish protection from the elements to a wide range of customers from exclusive hotels and restaurants, resorts and country clubs, cafes and pubs, residential clients and municipalities.

We are looking for qualified dealers/distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico, - contact us for excellent business opportunity.

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